Infomo merges with Australian AdTech firm Adfomo to create a self-serve media management platform for large publishers in India

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- Looking to disrupt the USD 12 billion advertising industry in India (Digital, Print, TV, OOH, Radio and DOOH channels) - Targeting a 15 % market share in the next 12 months across advertising platforms - In advanced talks with leading publishers and telecom carriers in India BENGALURU, India, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Infomo and Adfomo today announced they had entered into a binding strategic merger agreement, subject to shareholder approval, to create a multi-channel self-serve media management platform for large publishers, and advertisers, globally. The platform extends the capabilities of the legacy Google Delivery Network (GDN/Programmatic) to include the selling and buying of traditional media.

The new multi-channel self-serve media sales platform delivers unique capabilities that enable large multi-channel media publishers to standardize and automate their sales processes to cover all types of media advertising including Digital, Print, Radio, TV, Out-Of-Home (OOH) and Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) channels.

The platform standardizes and automates traditional media buying and selling and enables publishers to take control over digital ad sales. Infomo's standardized media sales process provides substantial benefits to media buyers supporting marketing and advertising needs of brands, agencies, and the SME sector.

This initiative extends Infomo's total addressable market significantly. According to Magna1, in 2020 the global ad spend was US$569 billion of which traditional media was estimated to be US$233 billion. Unlike USA, Australia, and a number of European countries, ad-spend with traditional media still outweighs digital ad spend. In India, digital advertising is still in its infancy with 2020 data revealing that digital advertising accounted for only 11% of the US$12.2 billion yearly ad spend.

Speaking about the merger, Peter Jermyn, Chairman of Infomo, said: 'Infomo's vision has always been centred around empowering sellers to take control over their own marketing value chains. By aggregating the significant potential of Adfomo with our own, we will be able to automate and standardize the digital and traditional media selling process and more strongly project ourselves as a unique media advertising group. The merger, in my view, creates the classic business equation of 1+1=3.' Julian Glynn, the Chairman of Adfomo, noted : 'Merging with Infomo will provide Adfomo an opportunity to immediately address a global market. Adfomo is a perfect fit with Infomo's global strategy adding necessary components to integrate the selling of all types of traditional media sales into Infomo's digital sales platform.' Welcoming this merger, Infomo Founder & CEO Ananda Rao said: 'Advertisers in today's world require self-serve automated solutions to buy media and they need extensive audience reach, known audience targeting, and measurable audience engagement. Our partnerships with telecom carriers and leading publishers around the world provide advertisers access to massive known audiences. Our merged platform provides a range of new and powerful capabilities enabling publishers to directly expose multi-channel inventory and advertisers to directly target, engage and interact with known audiences.' Speaking about the strategic possibilities, Adfomo Founder & CEO George Papadopoulos commented: 'Adfomo was founded to provide a standalone marketplace to sell and buy traditional media inventory. Empowering publishers with their own comprehensive multi-channel media sales solution will automate and standardize the buying of any kind of media. Most media publishers run traditional and digital channels separately. It is difficult to commercially justify a stand-alone digital division. Further, running separate traditional and digital businesses is not efficient. Together with Infomo, we now deliver one fully integrated media management platform that makes it extremely easy for publishers and advertisers to work collaboratively to design and run customized multi-channel campaigns.' 1 About Infomo: Infomo is the first company in the world to design and deploy a publisher-centric platform to sell digital inventory. Infomo provides an innovative web and app advertising ecosystem that harnesses the unique power and reach of telecom operators and large publishers and their significant subscriber communities to deliver engaging, media-rich, and highly targeted premium advertising and promotional content to subscribers during their everyday online activities. Learn more at