Infant's Grumpy Facial Expressions for Passport Photo Sums up 2020

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If you have found yourself invariably sulking for the things the year 2020 has brought so far, here’s a little something you will find undoubtedly relatable.

A mother of two from Leicestershire was rummaging through her to-do list to realize that a photo ID of her three-month-old daughter is missing.

Since Alice couldn’t get a photograph of her child for the passport due to the ongoing pandemic, she decided to get it done at home. The Pilates teacher zeroed in the conservatory of her residence for the location and began taking Olive’s pictures on her iPhone. The infant requires two passports as she is a UK and Australian citizen by descent.

Speaking to, Alice said, "My partner James works from home and my three-year-old son was playing nicely. Olive had just woken, so I thought this was a good opportunity to have a go at getting a shot (sic.)”

Now, Olive, who as told by her mother has looked angry since birth, pulled a variety of disgruntled expressions while her pictures were being taken.

“I suppose her expression does sum up 2020: Complete confusion of this crazy time she has been born in to!," added Alice.

The montage of Olive’s pictures was uploaded by Alice on Facebook and many users believe it is a grey recap of how 2020 has been so far.

The couple went through all the clicks and settled on one. However, to apply for the UK passport they will have to wait as the memo on the website reads, “Unless this is urgent, please apply in a few months (due to Corona).”