INDvsWI: BCCI, TNCA hit an impasse over complimentary tickets issue

Rajdeep Saha

INDvsWI: BCCI, TNCA hit an impasse over complimentary tickets issue

10 Oct 2018: INDvsWI: BCCI, TNCA hit an impasse over complimentary tickets issue

India and West Indies are set to face each other in three T20Is and Chennai would host the third match of the series.

But there are impending issues that need to be sorted out.

The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) and the BCCI have hit an impasse over the quota of complimentary tickets, available for this fixture.

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Fact: What's the rule regarding the complimentary tickets?

According to the new BCCI constitution, 90% of the total seating capacity needs to be put on sale for public. Meanwhile, the other 10% tickets can be reserved as complimentary. But the TNCA is adamant that it won't be able to follow the new rules.

TNCA: What is the TNCA stating?

The TNCA has stated that it can only host the third T20I between India and West Indies, by complying with the previous ruling.

The earlier ruling allowed the distribution of complimentary tickets on a preferential basis.

According to the PTI, sources have confirmed that it would not be possible to hold the match, in Chennai, if new rules are enforced.

Issues: Several other issues grip TNCA at the moment

There are several other issues as well.

Besides complimentary tickets, there is also the demand by TNCA of selling tickets at a discounted rate to affiliated clubs.

Further, it still needs clearances from the certain bodies of the government and they expect tickets in return.

Finally, the current seating capacity of the stadium is only 24,000 with at least 3 stands closed.

Opinion: Our take: BCCI guilty for going in an unplanned manner

The BCCI should have been aware of these demands before allotting an international match to the TNCA.

With several stands still needing work, the BCCI must have opted for another venue with 100% seating capacity.

T20Is are known to be crowd pullers and the closed stands only add to the list of issues.

Ideally, the BCCI should opt for another venue at the earliest.