Indore: Minor searching for job raped twice in 6 hours

Indore: A 13-year–old girl, who left home in search of a job after her mother scolded her, got raped by a 20-year-old youth and his 40-year-old uncle, within a span of six hours, in the city on Wednesday.

The MIG police, where the girl lodged her complaint, have arrested Bhupendra son of Balwant Singh Rajput resident MIG area and his uncle Kailash son of Ramesh Vijayvargiya resident of Khajrana. Both have confessed to their crime, police said.

According to MIG police station incharge Indresh Tripathi, the victim told them that on Wednesday morning her mother, who was upset over the family’s dire financial condition, chided her for being useless and not contributing to the family’s income.

Hurt by her mother’s outburst, the victim left home searching for a job. She approached Bhupendra at a medical store and asked for a job. Sensing that she was alone, Bhupendra said he had a job for her and took her to a room in MIG area where he raped her, police said.

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When the victim protested the rape, Bhupendra called in his uncle, Kailash to the room.

Kailash came and promised the victim a job and a safe place to stay, and the victim agreed thinking that since he was much older to her, he was dependable.

However, her trust was misplaced. Kailash took her home where he raped her. Depressed by the turn of events, the girl asked Kailash to take her back home, but Kailash dropped her at Rasoma Square and fled.

The victim somehow reached home and told her mother about her ordeal. The victim and her mother came to the police station and lodged complaint.

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