Indore man under investigation in exploitation case dies by suicide

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Madhya Pradesh Police talking about the Narendra Raghuvanshi death case on Tuesday.
Madhya Pradesh Police talking about the Narendra Raghuvanshi death case on Tuesday.

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], October 27 (ANI): A man hailing from Indore who was being investigated in a police case under section 370 IPC, was found dead at his residence on Tuesday.

According to the police, Narendra Raghuvanshi died by suicide at his house in Sudama Nagar here this morning. Raghuvanshi had been out of jail on parole a few days earlier and his parole ended today.

A note was found beside his body, purportedly written by him in which he said that his family was not at fault. He also expressed his desire to donate his organs.

"The deceased Narendra Raghuvanshi was case partner in the crime related to Jeetu Soni's 'My Home Dance Bar.' The Annapurna Police is investigating the case," said Puneet Gehlod, DSP Annapurna Police Station.

Lakshya Raghuvanshi, son of Narendra said that his father came home for two months and had said that would not return to jail as he had done nothing wrong.

"Papa was under a lot of mental stress in jail. He came home for two months. He used to say I won't go back to jail and I have done nothing wrong," said Lakshya Raghuvanshi.

Lakshya said that a false case was filed against him.

A case under section 370 IPC has been registered against Narendra and Jitu Soni in the Palasiya police station. Previously, Jitu Soni became notorious after Madhya Pradesh honey trap came in spotlight in which he was accused of blackmail.

After the cases emerged, the former Kamal Nath government had demolished several locations including his "My Home Dance Bar," and around 45 cases including that of cheating, rape, illegal recovery were registered against him. Narendra was also accused by the Palasia police in the human trafficking case. (ANI)