Indore hospital treating 7 COVID-19 patients with remdesivir

Indore, Jun 29 (PTI) Coronavirus patients with moderate symptoms are being given anti-viral medicine remdesivir in Indore and initiallyresults are encouraging, doctors said on Monday.

Indore, with 4,664 cases and 226 deaths till June 29, is one of the worst coronavirus-hit districts of the country.

'In the first stage, remdesivir is being given to seven patients who are on oxygen support and facing breathing problems, in our Intensive Care Unit.

'They are also being given other medicines as per protocol,' Dr Ravi Dosi, Head of the Chest Disease Department at the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) here, told PTI.

These patients are aged between 28 and 68. Of them, five have co-morbidities like diabetes, high blood and other problems, he added.

They are being administered remdesivir so that their condition does not deteriorate and they are not put on life support (ventilator),' Dosi added.

Dosi said the seven patients are being given one remdesivir injection dailysince the last three days.

They would be injected (the anti-viral drug) for two more days as per the dose schedule of five days, he said.

The initial impact of the medicine on these patients is encouraging, he said.

However, it is after the five-day schedule that something concrete can be said, he added.

SAIMS is the biggest COVID-19 facility in Indore. PTI HWP LAL MAS RSY RSY