Indore: Fate of IDA swimming pool in deep confusion

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Indore: The fate of the International Swimming Pool being constructed by Indore Development Authority (IDA) near Goyal Nagar remains uncertain thanks to the failure of the Sports and Youth Welfare department (SYWD), which has agreed to purchase the pool, to provide details of the changes it wants in the project.

In November 2019, the SYWD had told the IDA that they wanted certain changes in the project but till date they have failed to give the official letter about the changes being sought. As a result, the IDA has gone slow on the project and is unsure whether they should invest more in the project before getting a go-ahead from the SYWD, as they fear that they might have to break some portions of the construction to meet SYWD’s requirements.

IDA started the project in November 2017, but as it neared completion they realised that they won’t be able to run it properly. Fortunately, the SYWD agreed to buy the swimming pool in August.

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At present, 10 per cent of the construction work of the swimming pool building is pending and the IDA has pumped in Rs 11.21 cr. IDA officials say that they can complete it within a couple of months, but now they are waiting for the sports department’s letter.

Sources in IDA said that the SYWD might be delaying in informing about the changes it wants because they do not have the necessary funds to pay IDA for the pool, and the IDA has insisted that they won’t hand over the pool if every penny of the construction and land cost (around Rs 25 cr) is not given to the IDA upfront.

IDA CEO Vivek Shotriya said, “We are waiting for the letter from SYWD. The first phase of the project has cost us around Rs 11 crore and the second phase will cost another Rs 8 crore.”

About Swimming pool: According to IDA officials, the international swimming pool is being constructed in IDA’s Scheme No 94 near Goyal Nagar. It is constructed on 3.84 acres of which 1.61 acres will be the swimming pool, while the stadium will cover 2.23 acres.

The swimming pool complex will have basement parking, mezzanine with a gym, seating capacity of 1200 people, restaurant, changing rooms etc.

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