Indore faces shortage of Amphotericin injections to treat black fungus infection

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Visuals from medical store in Indore (ANI)
Visuals from medical store in Indore (ANI)

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 15 (ANI): Amid the rising cases of black fungus infection in Indore, there is a shortage of Amphotericin injections in the city.

Cases of black fungus are increasing continuously in Indore. Amphotericin, the injection required for the treatment of this disease is no longer available in the markets. Around 30 to 100 vials of the injection are administered to patients for the treatment of black fungus.

Amphotericin B is an antifungal medication used for serious fungal infections and leishmaniasis.

Just like Remdesivir, there has become a high demand for Amphotericin in the medical stores in Indore.

Dr Ajay Tiwari had come to buy Amphotericin in the biggest drug market in Indore but could not find a single vial. "I came here to buy Amphotericin injection for my relative undergoing treatment at a hospital in Bhopal. But, it is not available," Tiwari told ANI.

Ravi Sharma had gone to many drug stores in Indore to take the injection for brother-in-law Hemant Sharma, but he could not get the medicine. "The doctor has prescribed three injections daily for one month. So I need 90 injections. It is tough to get," Sharma said.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Makrand Sharma, the owner of Quality Drug House, Indore said, "It is an anti-fungal drug and protects the kidneys. Doctors recommend 10 to 40 vials depending on the patient's condition. Generally, ENT specialists and dentists treat these cases. Around 200 patients are coming for Amphotericin injections per day."

He said only 10-12 companies manufacture Amphotericin injections and earlier around 500 of such vials were sold throughout a year in the drug markets of Indore.

"The current demand is 2,000-3,000 injections per day but the companies do not have that much stock right now. So we are also not getting the stock. Its raw material comes from abroad and it takes at least 15 days to manufacture the medicine," explained Dr Makrand Sharma.

Asked about any alternative, he said, "There is another option similar to Amphotericin that we are giving to the customers. Its results are also better. It is the second option but only given if Amphotericin is not available."

Another drug store owner said they are giving only 2-5 vials a customer so that supply to everyone can be ensured.

"Companies will deliver stocks in two weeks. 250-300 customers are coming every day for Amphotericin. Customers are asking for 30-40 vials but we are giving only 2-5 vials so that no one goes empty-handed. The stocks are over now," Madhur Sharma, owner of Protection Health Care, Indore told ANI. (ANI)