Indore confirms presence of bird flu in state

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Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], January 4 (ANI): Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of bird flu has alarmed the city of Indore where the presence of the virus is confirmed in the dead crows. As a precautionary measure, the veterinarians have started conducting investigations in poultry farms.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Amit Malakar from the state health department said, "The infection found in the crows is of H5N8. Human transmission of this virus has not been reported. The Health Department conducted a fever survey in the localities around the Daly College School. The people who had a fever or cold cough problems confirmed that they did not come in contact with any bird or its carcass."

Senior veterinarian from Indore Dr Prashant Tiwari told ANI, "After investigation, it is confirmed that the virus is similar to bird flu, although it is less contagious. More than 150 crows have died so far. However, the virus is not observed in other birds."

Asked whether people can eat chicken, Dr. Tiwari said, "People can eat chicken or other non-vegetarian food with due caution. Wash chicken with alum water and cook properly."

A few days before, many dead crows were found near the Daly College School in Indore. Following which the samples of carcasses were sent to Bhopal for clinical examination where the presence of bird flu-like virus was confirmed.

Earlier bird flu was reported from Rajasthan and Kerala. (ANI)