Indore: Be clear in your concepts, says physics expert yogesh popat

Indore: Students consider Physics as one of most difficult subject, especially when it comes to scoring marks in board examination. In Physics there is need for memorizing (the formulas), but only to a certain degree. The main thing is to understand the concept behind fundamental ideas, which is necessary to solve difficult problems.

With his expertise and experience in the field, Physics subject expert Yogesh Popat guides students on scoring best marks in Class XII CBSE Physics board examination 2019-20.

Remember the essentials tips for Physics: Always try to represent the Concepts/Process/Phenomena with the help of block diagram representation rather than writing the theories in paragraph.

Be crisp and to the point in very short questions.

Scan the paper before answering.

Consider the importance of Pre-board examination.

Weak point can be listed out to emphasise more.

For long answer type questions, before starting, frame a skeleton of the answer in the margin.

While solving a derivation, try and comprehend the logic behind the derivations.

A thumb rule: “If you do not like the numerical part, start early! Get used to the numerical part. Solve each and every numerical in the NCERT book (both, solved and unsolved) and, also refer a supplementary book. A Physics paper without a numerical is like a comb without teeth.”

Chapter wise important topics and tips: Students who are weak in calculation should try to read Modern Physics initially. The Semiconductor chapter is one of the most important chapters as its weight-age is around 8 marks. Atom and Nuclei together constitute 6 marks.

Next set of chapters will consist of Dual Nature of Radiation which carries 4 marks. Communication system constitutes 3 marks. Having command over these chapters help students a great deal in scoring higher marks in Physics.

Now you need to go for important and difficult chapters like Optics which carries 14 marks in the board exam. In Optics, you need to complete Ray Optics first, which is easier to study. In Wave Optics, you should concentrate more on problems of Interference, Diffraction, and Young’s double slit experiment.

Current and Electricity is an easier chapter and it carries 7 marks.

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current is another unit that you need to focus on to score well. It is an important unit both for the board exam and competitive exams.

Must Note: Practice the ray diagram and other important diagrams carefully. Drawing and studying will help you understand many topics faster and in an easier way.

Try to solve objective problems to make yourself efficient in solving 1 mark questions in the exam; this will be a bonus for you.