Indonesian Woman Who Lost Her Fiancé in Lion Air Plane Crash Fulfills Last Wish by Going Ahead With Planned Wedding Alone (View Pics)

Madhurima Sarkar
Photos of Ms Intan wearing a white wedding dress and a white hijab, holding white roses are going viral in Indonesia.

Last month, a brand-new jetliner carrying 189 people from Jakarta, Indonesia crashed into the Java Sea, renewing concerns about air safety in a vast island nation. The Lion Air Flight 610 killed all the people on boards. Among them was Ms Intan Syari’s fiancé Mr Rio Nanda Pratama, who was returning home after attending a conference in Jakarta. Syari fulfilled his last wish by going through with their ‘wedding’ alone. Photos of Ms Intan wearing a white wedding dress and a white hijab, holding white roses are going viral in Indonesia. Lion Air Flight JT610 From Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang Reportedly Crashes Into Sea After Take-Off. 

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The couple decided November 11 as their wedding date. Mr Rio Nanda Pratama was a medical doctor. Ms Intan wrote on her Instagram account as reported by The Straits Times that before leaving for Jakarta, Rio jokingly told her, “If I don't return by Nov 11, go ahead wear your wedding dress that I chose for you, wear a beautiful make-up, ask for a fresh white rose from Ms Sheila (wedding organiser), and take good photos. Then send the photos to me.” It is unfortunate, Rio could no longer make it to their scheduled nuptial ceremony. Indian Pilot Bhavye Suneja Was Flying Lion Air Flight JT 610. 

Ms Intan on her Instagram post wrote, as translated by the journal, “There is sadness that I cannot describe, but I have to smile for you. I shall not mourn. I have to stay strong like you always told me.” Times of India Apologises for Headline of Lion Air Crash Story Involving Indian Pilot That Invited Criticisms on Social Media. 

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In another post with the picture of her and one of Rio’s sister, she said, “Although you are not beside me, your sister was with me to fulfil your most beautiful last wish. I know you are happy up there...”

Rio was a medical doctor who was keen to help patients. This is one out of many cases where families lost their near ones in the flight crash. The Indonesian authorities ended the search and retrieval operations of victims of the plane crash. The passenger plane crashed into the sea just minutes after taking off, raising questions about how a new plane fell off from the sky.