Indonesia park covers nude mermaid statues’ breasts to respect ‘eastern values’

Shubham Ghosh

Jakarta, March 27: Authorities of a theme park in Indonesia have taken the step to cover the bare breasts of two statues to respect "eastern values".

According to a report in BBC, Ancol Dreamland located in the capital city of Jakarta placed golden wraps on two mermaid statues' make it breasts. The two statues have been at the park for the last decade and half.

The move raised questions as it was asked whether the park authorities were forced to take such a step. However, the latter rubbished the speculation saying it was them who made the choice to cover the statues in 2018.

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"This is purely an agreement from the management and there is no external pressure," park spokeswoman Rika Lestari was quoted as saying by BBC.

"We are in the process of reshaping ourselves to be a family-friendly amusement park."

Dolorosa Sinaga, the sculptor of the statues was not pleased though and told BBC Indonesia that the park's move denied the public "the beauty of arts products".

"What they did was close public access to enjoy the arts."

The visitors in the park were also not pleased to see the mermaids getting covered and said it was "weird to see art pieces" like that, the report added.

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