Indo-American thriller Padmavyuha holds international premiere at Indian Film Festival Melbourne

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Since its world premiere as the opening night gala film at the International Indian Film Festival of Toronto in August, Director Raj Krishna’s debut film Padmavyuha has gained significant critical acclaim and momentum on the film festival circuit. The film is a mystery thriller that explores the story of an Indian-American professor who is drawn into a dark labyrinth of ancient Indian puzzles.

Padmavyuha has played at several festivals in the United States including the Silicon Valley Asian Pacific Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati, and the Orlando Film Festival. The directorial debut film of Krishna was also invited recently for a special screening by the Satyajit Film and Television Institute in India. Padmavyuha is now set to screen at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) from Oct 23-30 for Australian audiences, who can find it at

“IFFM is a phenomenal festival, one of the largest Indian film festivals in the world, and we are incredibly honored to have been invited. I never thought I’d see this with my first film,” said Director Raj Krishna. “The film was my attempt to deal with a number of contentious issues, as well as learn about my own cultural background. For example, Hinduism is a beautiful world religion, and it has perhaps been misunderstood due to Orientalism and other Western forces and narratives that have had ulterior motives. So this film was my way of better understanding it, getting closer to it.”

The film has not been without controversy – it was recently attacked on social media by right-wing entities who incorrectly claimed the film was anti-Hindu. As a result, the filmmaking team was forced to pull the trailer down from YouTube.

Padmavyuha stars actors Pooja Batra and Nikhil Prakash, and will be seeing an OTT release in 2021.

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