Individuality rules: Stylists explain what is on-trend this season when it comes to men's fashion

Are you a man who wants to be on-trend this season? Buck the trend and follow your own sense of what suits you well. Individuality, by virtue of its name, is written by your own rule book.

Don’t miss these stylish, fashionable guidelines that are going to stick around for seasons to come. Says stylist Obz D’Souza, “The best part about these trendy outfits for men is that many of their elements are timeless. Let’s get started with skinny jeans. The skinny, slim-fitting jean is your go-to staple for building any trendy outfit for men this season. Think of it as your foundational piece. You can pair it with a simple pair of Hush Puppies, boat shoes or ankle boots for an instant modern and hip look. As far as colour goes, the world truly is your oyster. You can pair a solid pair of bright yellow or red skinny jeans with a complementary houndstooth shirt for a preppy look. You can pair a dark pair of denim skinny jeans with a plaid shirt for a more casual, hip look. The key to this look is in the fit.”

Fashion stylist Mamta Bhatia Anand believes a classic makes the man. “For a man, a good white shirt, well-fitted blue jeans and good leather shoes never goes out of style. A man who wears this most simple and elegant combination gets my thumbs up! It never goes out of style.” And while we are enjoying the nip in the air, you have your skinny jeans and shoes picked out, it’s time to complete your look with a nice jacket.

Shares designer Narendra Kumar Ahmad, “Men’s fashions are changing. In fact, they have changed altogether. The youth shape men’s wear that reflects youthfulness and sportiness. Personal style is an acronym for confidence and individuality comes with experience. Fashion is largely influenced by lifestyle. Bomber jackets, jogging pants and slacks... you can’t go wrong with these.

”But style is a statement of individuality, as luxury and retail consultant Vikram Raizada maintains, “Style is a composite of your natural experiences. The places you’ve travelled, the things you’ve seen, your individuality. No designer should tell you what you need to wear. Be bold, what you wear is a reflection of you.”

Natural fibres and denim are of course a staple of men’s fashion this season. “Consider putting on light denim, button-up shirt that is tailored and soft. You also could wear a natural fibre T-shirt and put a light denim jacket over it,” advises Narendra. Layering is key for trendy men’s fashion — and a jacket gives you that versatility in style.

Another option if denim isn’t your go-to style: You can get a little edgier by pairing your natural fibre T-shirt with a leather jacket instead. There are many styles, from the classic straight leather jacket in black to a sherpa/ leather combination. Finally, your men’s fashion this season is topped off with the classic beanie hat.

This is a way to communicate your hip, cool look — and it’s a versatile look that fits with a lot of different men’s personalities. You can wear a good hat throughout all seasons, as long as it is made from the right fabrics for the season. Stock up to make sure you’re always in style!