IndiGo takes cognizance of pilot's letter over Kamra's flying ban

New Delhi [India], Jan 30 (ANI): IndiGo has taken cognizance of a letter of the pilot who was operating the flight in which senior journalist Arnab Goswami was heckled by stand up comedian Kunal Kamra.

"We have taken cognizance of the letter of the pilot, who was operating the flight on which Kunal Kamra and Arnab Goswami were traveling. We have received the relevant statements and the internal committee has initiated the investigation regarding this incident," IndiGo said in a statement.

In the letter, the pilot had expressed his concerns over Indigo taking action in the case 'without consulting the Pilot-in-Command'.

He outlined that he noticed Kamra gesticulating to Goswami, who was unresponsive.

"I did not observe any physical contact between the two gentlemen at any point. I made a Passenger Address to the cabin asking the gentleman standing in the passenger aisle near Row 1 to return to his seat," he said.

"I then asked the LCA to speak with Mr. Goswami and inform him that the Flight Deck send their regards, and that if he wished to lodge a complaint, we would be happy to assist him after landing in Lucknow. He was also offered extra Foof and Beverages. He thanked the LCA and acknowledged the offer," the pilot stated.

The pilot said that Kamra apologised him personally.

"I asked him if his issue was political in nature, which he confirmed. I advised him that while we are all entitled to our opinions, there was a time and place to voice them, and that mid-flight was no place for it. He agreed, thanked us and left the aircraft," the pilot wrote in his letter.

The pilot also said that Kamra's behaviour was unacceptable and verbally abusive but he complied with crew instructions.

The development comes after a flying ban was imposed over stand-up-comic Kamra for heckling journalist Arnab Goswami during an Indigo flight and making a video of it.

In the video posted by Kamra on his Twitter handle, Goswami remained glued to his laptop and did not respond to the former's questions, jibes and comments.

Air India, SpiceJet, and GoAir declared a ban on the comedian until further orders while IndiGo has barred him from flying for six months. (ANI)