IndiGo Passengers Stuck in Aerobridge for 8 Hours, Airline Blames Bad Weather for Delay

An IndiGo flight from Lucknow to Hyderabad was delayed by more than eight hours, with passengers being stranded on the aerobridge the whole night. This is probably every flyer's worst nightmare come true.

On Thursday, the flight to Hyderabad was supposed to take off at 11.15 PM but it finally took off at 6 AM on Friday and landed two hours later at its destination. According to Hindustan Times, the Airbus A320neo plane developed a serious technical glitch which is why the flight was indefinitely delayed.

Passengers also shared photos of their plight on social media. A tweet shared by passenger Debanjana Paul showed other co-passengers sitting on the floor of the aerobridge where they had to spend the night. Apparently, IndiGo made the passengers board the flight before informing them about the change of plans. "@IndiGo6E made us board the plane and then informed us that the flight will only take off at 6am. Amazing service," she wrote on Twitter.

In a follow up tweet, Paul wrote, "5:30am and still waiting. Also, Pictures from the night that Indigo kept us waiting in the aerobridge for HOURS with false promises about departure, accommodation etc."

Allegedly, IndiGo also failed to provide accommodation for the night either. "@IndiGo6E thanks to you I’m stuck at the airport. Helpline says it cannot provide transport for my journey back home at 3am due to your delays(thanks to New ETD every 15 mins) nor can it provide any accommodation for the night," Paul wrote in the first tweet she posted. Turns out, IndiGo had initially said that the flight would take off at 12:55 AM.

According to a statement provided by IndiGo, the delay was due to air traffic, congestion at Delhi airport and bad weather conditions.