IndiGo Flight 6E-6468 Scheduled for Hyderabad Returns to Cochin Airport After Technical Snag

Team Latestly
The airline said that it made precaution after smoke was detected in the cabin of the flight. The plane had taken off with 136 passengers onboard. All passengers were reported to be safe.

Hyderabad, November 12: A Hyderabad-bound Indigo flight 6E-6468 returned to Cochin airport on Monday soon after take-off after a technical snag. Reports inform that the flight took off at 1.15 pm and returned soon as the pilot detected the problem in the hydraulic system, he said. The airline said that they would operate an alternate flight to Hyderabad to avoid any inconvenience to its passengers.

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In its statement, IndiGo said, the Cochin-Hyderabad flight on Monday returned to Cochin as part of a precautionary measure. "After take-off, the pilot observed a hydraulic warning which warranted the return of the aircraft. To avoid inconvenience to passengers, we will operate an alternate flight to Hyderabad", IndiGo added. IndiGo Flight 6E 7123 Develops Technical Glitch While Landing, Full Emergency Declared at Chennai Airport.

In the last week, a Guwahati-bound IndiGo aircraft with 76 passengers on board made an emergency landing within a few minutes of take-off after smoke was detected from the plane's cargo hold.

Earlier this month, two IndiGo planes came too close to each other averting a mid-air collision at the border airspace of India and Bangladesh. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) officials informed that the incident was averted only 45 seconds before the possible collision. it was averted after the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower in Kolkata instructed one plane to turn right and move away from the other aircraft that had come at the same level.