IndiGo Airlines Issues Statement, Says FEMA Regulations do Not Allow us to Accept INR For on-board Sales Above Rs 25,000 News Desk
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IndiGo Airlines Cancels 47 Flights After DGCA Grounds 8 Neo Planes For Faulty Engines

Domestic carrier Indigo Airlines on Tuesday had to cancel around 47 flights after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation grounded its eight A320Neo planes with faulty engines.

New Delhi, November 22: The IndiGo Airline on Wednesday issued a statement on a sedition complaint filed against the airline to accept Indian currency. The Airlines on Wednesday confirmed that they do not accept Indian Rupees for onboard sales on its international flights in accordance with the prevailing regulation of 3 of FEMA Regulations.

“We have filed a request for carrying onboard sales in INR (above 25,000) with Reserve Bank of India on February 26, 2014, and June 05, 2014. We are in active discussions with the concerned authorities in this regard,” IndiGo said in a statement. The Airline further said that these points are clearly mentioned in their onboard sales menu.

Earlier this month, Delhi-based businessman Pramod Kumar Jain filed a complaint against IndiGo Airlines under Section 124 (A) of the Indian Penal Code after its crew allegedly refused to accept Indian currency when he ordered food. The complaint was registered at Sarojini Nagar Police Station on Tuesday.

The complainant alleged that he was travelling from Bangalore to Dubai in an IndiGo flight number 6E95 on November 10. Since Kumar didn’t include a meal on his flight ticket, he ordered food after he boarded. However, the IndiGo crew refused to provide him food as he was paying in Indian currency. The crew members told Kumar that they were only allowed to take foreign currency.

“Refusing Indian currency on Indian territory is an act of sedition. I have taken up this matter, and have also invoked the clause of Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971. The date of hearing in the case is 15th December,” Pramod Kumar Jain said to media.

Kumar said that the IndiGo flight crew didn’t accept payment in Indian currency citing rules. However, the norms say that a passenger can pay in the currency of the country from where they have taken the flight and where they are supposed to land.

The Airline was under a flak after it had apologised to a passenger who was manhandled at Delhi airport in October. Earlier this month a video started surfacing on social media which showed IndiGo’s passenger Rajiv Katyal being manhandled by the airline’s staff after a verbal altercation.

Katyal, who arrived from Chennai, was waiting for the passenger bus at the airport when the incident took place. It is not clear exactly who started the verbal altercation.