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Indian Railways converts train coaches into isolation wards

~ Railway coaches will be converted to serve as quarantine/isolation facilities. ~ Medical Practitioners will be engaged in Indian Railways/Production Units over and above the vacancies as per local requirement for a period of three months instead of one month (as per March 28, 2020 notification). Photo: Financial Express

COVID-19: How the Indian govt is combatting the scourge

With India, and indeed the world, facing what appears to mankind’s biggest ever crisis on economic, societal and health fronts due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government is trying everything in its power to contain the spread of the disease.

Many of the initiatives that the Narendra Modi-led Indian government has taken have been aimed at ‘flattening the curve’ so that the nation’s meagre medical facilities and resources do not come under extreme pressure and best healthcare can be provided to those affected. 

The government is also trying to make people stay at home, maintain social distancing and personal hygiene in its desperate bid to keep the coronavirus spreading like wildfire.

Here are some of the major initiatives that the government has taken in the last fortnight to secure the nation and to address people’s problems caused by the lockdown, shutting down of businesses, et cetera:

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