India's COVID vaccine rollout begins; Debate over WhatApp’s privacy surges | Top Headlines

Times Headines:

1) The new farm laws have dividend farmers, while many are protesting to repeal the norms, few are supporting the reform.

2) Congress’ Rahul Gandhi is likely to visit Jallikattu. BJP mocks RaGa for his doublestandard and sfor supporting Bull Run

3) As India braces for COVID-19 vaccination drive, the politics over I rages

4) India's Covid vaccine rollout begins as 50 lakh doses shipped to cities. India's biggest Covid vaccine rollout has only three days left and the vaccine doses are being shipped to various cities across the country.

5) Seven Mantris in Karnataka have taken oath today after months of speculation

6) The level of ammonia in the Yamuna at Wazirabad pond is high and on an increasing trend, water production has been curtailed at Wazirabad, Chandrawal, and Okhla water treatment plants

7) As the debate over WhatApp’s privacy surges, questions have been raised against the app’s duplicity

8) Congress viral clip

9) The BSF has exposed another terror tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir, further investigation underway.

10) Opposition lashes out at Nitish Kumar’s government in Bihar