India's Ambassador to Sri Lanka demands support to Sri Lankan Tamils at UNHRC

Ahead of the voting on India's consideration of the resolution "promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka," in the United Nations Human Rights Council, India's Ambassador to Sri Lanka urged the Sri Lankan government to carry forward the process of reconciliation, address the aspirations of Tamil community and continues to engage with the international community to ensure that the fundamental freedom and human rights of all its citizens are fully protected. Highlighting India's contribution at the UNHRC, he said, "As an immediate neighbour, India has contributed to the relief, resettlement of rehabilitation and reconstruction process in Sri Lanka after 2009. Our development assistance has focused on the restoration of livelihoods and economic revival especially in Sri Lanka's northern and eastern provinces. India's approach to the question of human rights is guided by 2 fundamental considerations, one is the support to the Tamils of Sri Lanka for equality, justice, dignity and peace and the other is ensuring unity, stability and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. We have always believed that these two goals are mutually supportive as Sri Lanka's progress is best assured by addressing both objectives.