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India's 25 most powerful politicians

1. Narendra Modi
Designation: Prime Minister of India
Party: BJP
Age: 66 years

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India's 25 most powerful politicians

Nothing succeeds like success. The unstoppable Bharatiya Janata Party-National Democratic Alliance juggernaut seems to prove this over and over again as it inexorably rolls over state after state in India. Having already won a brute majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, it has displayed an insatiable appetite for power. In just three years, India has seen the balance of power shift entirely from the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance to the BJP.
The nation has been witness to the rise of new centres of power, even as the influence and reach of regional satraps who lorded over their fiefdoms has abated. Some, who derived their influence from being close to the powers-that-be, have all but been banished. The supremacy of the right-wing politicians and their ilk has been firmly established.

It’s hardly surprising to see the list of India’s 25 most powerful politicians being dominated by members of the NDA government.
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Note: The list takes into account, among other factors, governmental control, media coverage, existing and potential influence over electorate, editorial and user discretion, et cetera.