How Indians Read Brad Hodge’s ‘Apology’ Letter to Virat Kohli

Former Australian cricketer Brad Hodge dug his own grave in India when he questioned Virat Kohli’s commitment to team India and said “pretty dirty” things about him.

The Gujarat Lions Coach in an interview said:

You’d hope as a sportsman that he’s seriously injured. I’m hopeful, as a Gujarat Lions coach that when we play RCB in a couple of weeks, that he’s not playing. Because if you miss one game of Test match cricket, and you’re fronting up the next week for RCB versus whoever, Bangalore, at Chinnaswamy Stadium – you’d be pretty dirty if he did not front up to a Test match and try and win a valuable series against Australia – which has been pretty spiteful as well.

Phir kya tha? Hodge had to doge all the trolls that were bowled to him. But not for long... Brad would have had to face ’em eventually when he would come down to India to earn some moolah in the Indian Paisa League (IPL).

So our dear mate, penned down a letter to Virat Kohli apologising for his injury comments.

Now doesn’t this letter read less of an apology and more of a plea to the cricketing lords (read:IPL)?

So we decided to Quintify the letter and make it sound more honest than the original one.

A honest Brad Hodge apology letter. (Photo: Lijumol Joseph/The Quint)

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