Indians Are Hunting Down Chinese Food Vlogs and Leaving Racist Comments on Them

Just two days ago, the Indian government's Minister for State for Minority Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, had to take to Twitter to call out the incidents of racial attacks that have been faced by citizens of northeastern states of India in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic which had already caused over 8,000 deaths, many from Asian countries have faced a spike in cases of racism. In India, people from the northeastern states of the country have also been facing hate.

If you grew up in India, you would know how common the word 'chinki' is and how often it is used to discriminate against people who live in the North-East.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak which has claimed over 16,000 lives worldwide, racism has peaked.

The virus, which originated from a seafood market in Wuhan in China, has led to widespread racism after it became public knowledge.

In Delhi, a girl from north-east India was spat on as the man yelled 'Corona.'

A Manipuri girl at Vijay Nagar, Delhi was spat on by an middle aged man and shouted at “Corona” before fleeing on his white scooty.#Racism #COVIDー19

— Akhu Chingangbam (@Akhucha) March 22, 2020

Unfortunately, this is not the only example of India.

And its also not just limited to India. Indians, now stuck in lockdown,  hunted down Chinese food bloggers on the Internet and left the worst possible comments, in mostly their own languages.

On TikTok, an app which already has a reputation for its no-checks policy, the comments weren't cut short of civility. People didn't mince words, slurs, or cuss words.

Here are some examples we found from one such video.

Untitled design (19)

Then, there were these comments on one where the woman appeared to be eating a vegetarian dish.

Untitled design (20)

And yet, another.

Untitled design (21)

It wasn't just TikTok. We even found some comments on YouTube. On YouTube, where your username is most often linked to an email ID, the comments aimed at being a little more 'sophisticated'.

As sophisticated as you can be while blatantly being racist, I mean. The comments below are from just one single video. And we found several more.

Untitled design (22)
Untitled design (23)

As the country goes under lockdown for the next three weeks, this is the time we need more empathy; less hate.