Indiana Mother Admits of Not Protecting Daughter From Boyfriend Who Raped Her Leading to Pregnancy, 10-Year-Old Delivers Baby Boy

Madhurima Sarkar
In a shocking development, an 8-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her classmate, said police on Thursday.

Child sexual abuse, molestation, rape; the severe issue of concern continues to increase globally. Where humanists and medical experts are striving to create awareness and reach to every corner of the society, it appears that we still fail to protect the children from becoming a victim of such assault. Because, in the majority of cases, the molesters are familial. Another phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that in countless numbers of cases, we have seen the parents remaining silent over it. Ask nearly anyone, no one believes they would allow the harmful sexual behaviour to continue if they knew for sure that it was going on; but sadly, the fact remains the opposite. A recent case in Indiana screams such relevance. The mother admits to not protect her 10-year-old daughter from her boyfriend who raped her leading to pregnancy pleaded guilty. The child reportedly, delivered a baby boy. 3-Year-Old Student Molested By School Bus Conductor In Bhopal, Accused Arrested. 

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According to the Chronicle-Tribune, the 33-year-old Marion woman faced charges of neglect aiding child molesting and assisting a criminal. She further agreed to accept a sentence of 20 years in prison and five years of probation. At the court’s hearing, she admitted that her daughter told her that the boyfriend, 34-year-old Nicholas Deon Thrash, was molesting her, yet continued to let him live with them. The woman throughout, never reported the molestation that led her daughter’s pregnancy. The young girl testified against Thrash, saying he molested her at least 15 times. “We were certainly ready to go to trial in a few weeks, but the emotional and psychological toll would have been significantly more (for this trial) than the Thrash trial,” said Deputy Grant County Prosecutor Lisa Glancy. Haryana 'Baba' Krishna Nand Arrested for Molesting Children in Boarding School. 

Thrash was sentenced last week to 160 years in prison after being convicted of 10 counts of child molesting. Part of the woman’s plea stated that she can have no contact with her now 12-year-old daughter until a counsellor gives permission. FOX59 reported that the young girl after turning 11, gave birth to a boy in September 2017 who was given up for adoption. The victim is currently at a foster care. Glancy further said, “She’s doing better. That’s all that we can hope for right now. She’s at a really good place.”

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