PewDiePie Fan From India Travelled to UK to Watch Deleted T-Series Diss Track

The YouTube subscriber war between PewDiePie and T-Series might be over but the Swedish gamer's fans back in India cannot get enough of him. One such fan is Saiman Says.

A quick refresher for those who missed the party: For months, world's most subscribed YouTube channel run by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie was involved in pretty much a one-sided beef with T-Series, an Indian music record label and film production company, that was unwittingly chasing the gamer in sub count - threating to dethrone him from the top spot.

Sensing their favourite YouTuber was on the verge of losing, hordes of rattled fans across the globe devised quirky ways to run the "Subscribe to PewDiePie" campaign in an attempt to keep the Swedish gamer ahead.

With nothing to lose, PewDiePie left no stones unturned to take digs at T-Series - releasing two diss tracks: "B*tch Lasagna" and "Congratulations" (after losing #1 spot) as part of the global battle.

This did not go down well with T-Series and Delhi High Court soon directed YouTube to remove both the songs published by PewDiePie on his channel, for the songs were deemed "racist" and "defamatory."


While PewDiePie may have lost a lot of following back in India, some desi fans have stuck by him. Saimandar Waghdhar aka Saiman Says, a vlogger, comedian and a meme reviewer, went miles ahead and flew all the way to Southwick Beach in UK, the location where "B*tch Lasagna" was filmed, to show support to the #2 YouTuber.

Titled "PewDiePie, I’m coming for you !!! (meet me please)," Saiman says, (geddit?) “Life has been for me. I used to watch B**ch Lasagna 399 times in a day and now I cannot even watch it once back in India.”

"I planned this holy pilgrimage because B*tch Lasagna got banned in India and I had to make up for the entire week. What better way to watch B*tch Lasagna than at the place where B*tch Lasagna was filmed."

Saiman also carried Indian snacks Bhel, Soan Papdi, Khakra, among other things for Pewds.

Of course, it was all part of a gag and Saimandar was in the UK for work and fancied his chances to meet PewDiePie.

So a post about my video is trending on the subreddit. Some are thinking it's creepy. No, I din't come to the UK just to meet Pewds. I had a prior project in the UK (my @WatfordFC vlog) and I later decided that this would be a fun idea. I just hope to meet @pewdiepie as a fan.

— Saiman Says (@HiSaimandar) April 21, 2019

Saiman's YouTube channel first blew back in November 2018 when he made a parody video of him buying billboards in Mumbai - exacting MrBeast's support video for PewDiePie, who had first bought a bunch of billboards in North Carolina and turned them into advertisements asking people to subscribe to PewDiePie.

This caught Pewds' attention and Saiman received the shout out of life from the famous YouTuber.

Although a fan of PewDiePie, Saiman, among many others, felt the "Congratulations" video released by the Swedish gamer after being dethroned was in bad taste and completely unnecessary.