Indian wives share how husbands have surprised them during the extended lockdown

Couples are locked down in each other's company without any external assistance to help them in the kitchen, around the house, or with the kids. They have only each other to fall back on. In this one-of-a-kind situation, these wives have discovered their same old partners anew. 

Smita shares,

Smita Majumder

“Positioned as the Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Global Communication in a manufacturing gaint, my husband is the busiest person I have seen, for as long as I remember. But from the first day of lockdown, he’s insisted on teamwork even at home. While I continued with my regular cooking, sweeping, and clothes and he joined in to clear the dishes off the sink, getting veggies and groceries between his virtual meetings. 

After work, he steps in to water the plants, helpsour daughter with her school assignments. With the help not coming, there have been days when cooking repelled me. He took to the kitchen to add his own magic to the same old Maggi and prepared the yummiest scrambled eggs.

I wake him up with the morning tea and he is there with the evening tea for me, it’s a luxury we never had before as he works six days a week and Sundays used to pass in a jiffy. From binge-watching all the net series to folding clothes, he is there and I can’t thank God enough.”

Aditi shares,

Aditi Agarwal

“We were just getting started with this new year and this lockdown came. We are confined inside these walls with our respective jobs; I’m working from home during, and so is my husband. And then there is the center of our world, our 18-months-old daughter who is quite a handful.

I was wondering how I will manage her, all the domestic chores, and my office works together, alone. Then it occurred to me that I have the most amazing man standing beside me. The mister is on his toes cleaning, washing, responding to the toddler’s sudden mood swings, feeding her, changing her, and comforting her to sleep.

You name it and he does it. We are working as a team. So blessed, can’t imagine what I would have done without him.”

Namrata shares,

Namrata Datta

“The amazing thing I have seen is not just my papa helping my mum in her household work pre-lockdown or even now, I have even seen my father-in-law share the load of my mother-in-law. My brother-in-law steps in, seeing me struggle for hours in the kitchen; my husband has always shared the domestic chores and other responsibilities of the household and that predates this lockdown, or the absence of a house-help due to it.

I could share a pic of us together, but we owe it to our parents for raising us like this, hence, here is a picture of our entire clan from our wedding. Their upbringing made the lockdown easier for me.”

Latika shares,

Latika Jha Dixit

“Married to Olive Green, I knew there would be times he would be given a choice between me and his motherland, and he would always pick the latter. While most of you are locked in with your man, it's been three months, I haven’t seen mine. He is out there serving the nation. But not for a single day have I felt lonely.

Like he took charge of a directionless college girl years ago, straighten up her life, motivated her, and helped her find her passion, my husband still fills me with excitement and a zeal to go forward with the day just by his magical words.

If one has perfected the art of being present and sharing the load despite being miles away, then I’m blessed with the one. Oh yes, he orders a lot of things online to make sure I don’t need to step outside.” 

Jayita shares,

Jayita Ghosh

“I was undergoing therapy for my frozen shoulder when the state went into lockdown. Instead of rest, the entire burden of household chores came on my frail shoulders. Business work, a thousand things around the house, and a wife who doesn't care about her health, my husband had to handle more than he had signed up for.

But we planned it well. I was assigned the lighter works: while he and our son took care of washing, cleaning utensils, and house, I rounded up the meals. 15 years were enough for me to realize that the mister surpasses me at household work, but the lockdown made me realize, together, we have raised a boy who is equally masterful with the chores. In all adversaries, I’ll have my He-man, and the mini He-man, to my rescue.”

Shobhana shares,

Shobhana Ganeshan

“In all these years of matrimony, the husband and I have never spent a day without arguments, even if it has to be the silly kind. Guess that's what happens when you are two opinionated people. Completing two months of isolation is a big task in itself. For couples, it's tougher to stay exclusively in each other’s company for this stretched duration.

I mean, you can’t be loving each other all the time, can you? Staying together 24*7*60 could just amplify their little flaws in your eyes. Instead, the lockdown brought us together, we found the romanticism that we had lost years ago, and never had the time to look for it. This period will be a memorable one for us.”

Gloria shares,


“As almost every day we’d have to stretch, we were used to buying food as opposed to cooking it. Contradicting the accepted norms, my home was held straight by my husband, as the wife, yours truly, had little patience for cooking, cleaning, mopping, and brooming, in which the mister excels. That the part-time help who would clean our washrooms and iron our clothes isn’t available anymore, adds another bullet to his to-do list along with washing clothes.

He prefers shopping for the essentials, as I, he alleges, always overshop. I have to be presentable over the video con-calls, so lately, he has mastered the art of grooming eyebrows also. Your’s truly cooks thrice a week, does the dishes every once in a while, and that pretty much keeps our boat afloat.”