PM Narendra Modi: Indian way of life offers the world hope against hate

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PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the Indian way of conflict avoidance is “not by brute force but by the power of dialogue”. Addressing a seminar on ‘Globalising Indian Thought’ at IIM-Kozhikode via video, he said, “In a world that is seeking to break free from mindless hate, violence, conflict and terrorism, the Indian way of life offers a ray of hope."

Emphasising that Indian thought is vibrant and diverse, Modi said, “It is constant and evolving. It is too vast to be put in a lecture or a seminar, or even a book, but broadly, there are certain ideas that have remained central to Indian values. They are compassion, harmony, justice, service and openness.

The country, he said, celebrates openness. “When there is openness, respect for different opinions, innovation is natural. The innovative zeal of Indians is drawing the world to India,” he said

Talking about what draws people to India, Modi said: “What comes to mind first is the values of peace, unity and brotherhood. (India has) so many states, so many languages, so many dialects, so many faiths, so many customs and traditions, so many food habits, so many lifestyles, so many ways of dressing, yet for centuries we have lived in peace.

He said Indian civilisation has prospered, when many could not, because “one finds peace and harmony here”.

Noting that women are a “manifestation of divinity,” Modi said, “One of the most remarkable aspects of this land is the respect, importance and dignity given to women. "

The Prime Minister said a clarion call for women’s empowerment has been raised century after century by Indian thought leaders. “Women are making an active contribution to our armed forces... India has the highest number of women MPs today. Turnout of women in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was the highest,” he said.