This Indian Village Has Every Man Married Twice And The Reason Is Very Weird!

rachna gupta

An Indian village follows a very strange ritual of getting every man married twice!

India is a vast land with 29 different states and 7 union territories. Hence, one finds the country full of different cultures and religions. From meaningful to strange to weird, all kinds of rituals can be found in the country. And there is one such weird ritual in the Derasar village of Rajasthan.

This Indian village village is a part of the Barmer district and is very close to the India – Pakistan border. And has this ritual of getting every man married twice. It is not that the men themselves are very fond of marrying twice. But the reason behind the second marriage is very strange.

Derasar is a very small village with around 600 people living in it. In fact, there are around 70 Muslim families living in the village. And getting married twice is nothing unusual for them. But still, that is not the reason behind bigamy there.

It is a belief in this village that a man cannot have a child from his first wife. And hence all of them have to marry for the second time to carry their family line forward. As weird as it sounds, but it is true!

Also, the first wives are not jealous of the second wives. In fact, they treat their children as their own.

There have been many men who have waited for years in this village to get a child from their first wife. But at the end all of them have failed. This is being observed for several years now that that the first wife of a man is never able to give a child to the family. And there is no scientific explanation to that.

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