Indian Restaurant Shimla Cottage Owner’s Savage Response to TripAdvisor User’s Review on £3.50 Three-Course Meal Goes Viral

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Customers’ reviews on TripAdvisor about their experience at the place play a significant role today. While in the process, we, as customers, must ensure that we are not misusing the right given to us. And not all restaurant owners are going to accept, sometimes filthy reviews, floored online. Much like this Indian restaurant owner in Scotland whose come back to a customer’s brutal review has taken over the internet. The screenshot of Shimla Cottage’s reply to its recent visitor is going viral, and it is savage in every inch. People online are praising the restaurant for being unapologetic to TripAdvisor user’s review on £3.50 three-course meal. Zomato Shuts Down Bigoted Customer Who Cancelled Food Delivery From Non-Hindu, Says 'Food Doesn't Have Religion', Wins Hearts. 

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Situated in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire in Scotland, Shimla Cottage is all over the headlines now. As per the tweet, it appears that the customer ordered pakora, a chicken-based main course and fudge cake for dessert in £3.50. The TripAdvisor user labelled the restaurant as the “worst ever,” calling out the staff’s “awful lack of manners,” and heavily criticising the portions of the three-course menu.

The owner was in a no-nonsense mood. The boss of Shimla Cottage sent a brutal reply to the complaint. It stated, “£3.50 for 3 courses have you no shame? Judging from the waistline of most of your party I could have served them a full cow, and they would still have left hungry.” The response went on to justify the sizes of portions and urged the writer of the review “not to come back.”

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Here's the Screenshot:

Twitterati lauded Shimla Cottage's savage response.

However, it appears that it is not the first time that the Indian restaurant has hit back trolls. One of the Twitter users, after going through several other reviews, noted that earlier too, the restaurant’s owner has taken down criticisms with similar unapologetic responses.

Totally, Unapologetic!

Looking at the responses, we are sure that Shimla Cottage’s owner is never in a mood to entertain brutal comments. Ratings and sharing experiences on online platforms are incredibly significant. It helps the travellers to do smart planning and also allows the hotels or restaurants to regain their reputation. But it does not mean, that customers should misuse the right given to them.