Indian Railways Now Adani Railways? Fact Check Shows the Viral Image of Platform Ticket is Morphed

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New Delhi, December 30: An image of a railway ticket priced at Rs 50, with text saying 'Adani Railways. The railways are now our private property' written on it is going viral on various social media. The ticket belongs to Pune junction railway station. However, fact check shows that the ticket image has been morphed and the Adani Group clearly does not own Indian Railways. Did PM Narendra Modi Greet Gautam Adani’s Wife With Folded Hands? Here's The Truth Behind Viral Photos.

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The platform ticket of the Pune junction is not real and not issued by the authorities. The image is being circulated to create misinformation about the ownership of Indian Railways and dragging industrialists Gautam Adani's name into it. As far as the price of the ticket is concerned it was increased from Rs 10 to Rs 50 by the Central Railways in March this year as a preventive measure against COVID-19. Mukesh Ambani Hosted Party Violating COVID-19 Rules to Welcome His Grandson? Old Video of 2019 is Going Viral With False Claim; Know The Truth.

Read the Tweet by Central Railways Here:

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See the Viral Image Here:


In March, the Central Railways clarified the increase in the ticket price in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak to prevent crowding of the platforms and maintain social distancing. Railway Board Chairman V K Yadav had also issued a comment saying divisional railway managers were instructed to increase the cost of platform ticket at a local level so as to avoid crowding at stations. “This decision will be reviewed after the pandemic,” Yadav had told ANI.

The image claiming that the Indian Railways is now a private property of the Adani Group has been morphed and intended to spread fake news and misinformation over the social media. The Indian Railways is still a PSU under the centre. People are advised to be careful of such misinformation and believe only the information through authentic sources.