Indian Railways May Soon Make Aadhaar, PAN Linking Compulsory For IRCTC Users To Weed Out Touts

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The Indian Railways may soon make it compulsory for IRCTC users to link their identification documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and Passport as part of login details, Livemint has reported.

The report states that this step may be taken to weed out the menace of touts, who end up booking tickets on high demand trains at the expense of common users.

Railway Protection Force (RPF) Director-General Arun Kumar has said that Indian Railways is currently working on a plan to link identity documents to IRCTC while adding that action against touts based on ground level intelligence has had little or no impact.

"We are trying to plug it. The future is that eventually we have to link login of ticketing with some identity card either PAN or Aadhaar or any other proof, the number of which the passenger can (use to) login so that we can end touting", Kumar has been quoted as saying.

He added that the authorities will first focus on creating the required network for the same and have almost completed the required technical work with Aadhaar authorities. The same will be taken up for other identification documents in the near future.

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