Indian Railways Kashi station is a beautiful sight! See pictures of the redeveloped station

Nikita Prasad
Kashi station

Indian Railways Kashi station has been completely redeveloped with modern passenger-friendly facilities! The Kashi railway station serves the eastern suburbs of the Varanasi district and comes under the Lucknow division of the Northern Railways (NR) zone. A Northern Railways official told Financial Express Online that the Kashi station has been redeveloped with beautiful walls, renovated waiting rooms, improved circulating area, the introduction of foot-over-bridges (FOBs) for the comfort and convenience of passengers.

The Kashi railway station is located near the Ganga river bank and serves a large number of pilgrims visiting the city of Varanasi on the important days of poojas and other festivals.

The redevelopment work has been done at a total cost of Rs 80 lakh-Rs 1 crore in order to upgrade the station for providing better passenger services.

Kashi railway station redevelopment project:

According to the Northern Railways zone, the various important tasks which have been implemented as part of the Kashi station redevelopment plan are as follows:

  • The overall aesthetics of the Kashi railway station have been improved as part of the beautification program. The walls of the station have been beautified with waterproof, weather-resistant three-dimensional colour coated painting, reflecting the religious and cultural heritage of Varanasi city.
  • The infrastructure of the waiting halls have been renovated with stainless steel benches for the passengers waiting at the station
  • Foot-over-bridges have been constructed for seamless connectivity between the platforms of the station
  • The lighting of the station interiors, especially the waiting halls have been improved with energy-efficient LED lights
  • The washrooms of the station have been redeveloped by providing modern, passenger-friendly facilities such as better water booths and water taps.
  • Meanwhile, as part of the redevelopment and beautification initiative of the Railway Ministry, several railway stations across the Indian Railways network have been renovated for better passenger facilities. Recently, the Kokrajhar station in Assam was redeveloped with improved station facade, circulating area, waiting rooms and beautified walls.