Indian Origin Tesla Model X Owner Escapes Unhurt After Plane Crashes on Electric SUV
A DEA owned small Cessna plane suffered mid-air mechanical problems and crashed on Tesla Model X owned by Indian origin Oniel Kurup.

Yet another day, yet another life saved by a Tesla car! While we have reported on a bunch of accidents in the past where Tesla cars including Model X and Model 3 saved the owner's lives, none were as strange as this one. An Indian origin Tesla Model X owner Oniel Kurup from Texas has thanked his Tesla Model X for ‘saving’ him and a passenger as a plane crashed on the electric SUV.

A DEA owned small Cessna plane suffered mid-air mechanical problems and the pilot decided to land it on a public road near Houston. While approaching, the plane got entangled over some power lines before crashing into several vehicles, including Oniel Kurup’s Model X.

While one of the three DEA agents was injured, no casualties were reported despite the severity of the crash. Tesla Model X has been awarded the highest safety rating of 5 stars in the U.S. and is one of the most safest SUVs as proved once again. Elon Musk also commented on the incident.

Here’s what Kurup wrote on his Facebook - Many saw this on the news just now. And I'm getting calls with concerns about our saftey. Want to let all my friends and family know that Aarav and I are completely fine.. GOD and this CAR truly saved us today. Not a scratch on us. No one believed me when I called them to let them know a plane crashed into me. Tesla, people thought It was a prank call. Wife laughed at me at first.. Jokes aside, this was a serious matter, I saw my life flash in that minute. A second is all it takes.”

In the past too, musician Zedd thanked Elon Musk for Tesla car saving his life. We reported an incident where a Tesla Model 3 saved the occupants' lives by getting out of the harm’s way.