Indian-origin kid attacked by robbers in Britain

Indo Asian News Service

London, Jan 31 (IANS) A nine-year-old boy from an Indian-origin family was left terrified when robbers held an axe to his neck and demanded his family hand over their car, a media report said Thursday.

Rajinder Auluk, the child's 40-year-old father, said his son was so badly affected by the attack that he no longer wants to live in the house and fears the men will return to kill him and his family, The Sun reported.

Detectives launched a public appeal for help to catch the robbers, who struck at the Auluk family home in Great Barr in West Midlands.

They demanded car keys and cash as they threatened Auluk's youngest child in front of him and his 45-year-old wife Baljit, and their 16-year-old son Jay.

"We had just finished eating when my nine-year-old son went into the front room to get ready to watch wrestling on the TV," said Auluk, a self-employed property developer.

"I heard a loud crash at the front door and suddenly an explosion hit me in the face as these men with axes and sledgehammers came piling through the door."

"I said, 'take what you want', but they carried on shouting and held an axe to my youngest's neck," Auluk said.

"It was true panic. I was angry and frightened, but my main concern was what they were going to do to the little guy, I thought he was going to cut him."

The men tried to get away in both family cars -- a Nissan Pulsar GTR and a Mercedes CLK -- but abandoned the Mercedes on the road outside the home.

Police were at the scene in five minutes but despite an extensive search of the area were unable to trace the attackers.

Detective Constable Derek Cole of West Midlands Police, who is leading the inquiry, called on the public to come forward with any information.

"We have got to find the people responsible for this robbery," he said.

"This was a truly horrendous ordeal for the family and it's hard to imagine what they went through," Cole told the daily.

"The thieves knew exactly what they were after -- they wanted the family's car and didn't care who they harmed in the process."

"They had complete disregard for the victims, holding an axe to a young boy's neck in front of his terrified family."