Indian-origin entrepreneur launches new digital freight platform in UK

Aditi Khanna
·2-min read

London, Feb 9 (PTI) Indian-origin entrepreneur Jai Kanwar and co-founder Clemente Theotokis have launched a new digital freight platform in the UK, which they believe will cut supply chain costs through increased visibility and efficiency and also address the issue of CO2 emissions.

Zeus Labs, a UK-based start-up officially launched this week, is designed around collaborative working between hauliers and their customers to address the freight and haulage industry’s many requirements.

The platform has started with companies in the UK, The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Germany, with plans to enter the Indian market later this year.

'We see India as a big opportunity and perfectly placed for Zeus Labs platform. India is a fragmented market and we will adapt the software to suit its needs,” said Kanwar.

'The platform will help consolidate the haulage opportunities in India. It will particularly benefit small haulage companies which often miss out on getting business,' he said.

The platform allows shippers and hauliers to manage their jobs, track their drivers and reduce the number of empty lorries and spare freight capacity on the roads by using advanced algorithms and manual curation.

It also offers a facility called 'Circles', enabling shippers to work with those they trust and engage only those hauliers who are most suited to the job, from a cost or specialist equipment point of view.

'From the very outset of Zeus Labs’ inception, we were driven by our desire to build a sustainable business which addresses the issues of inefficiencies and costs in the road transport sector. Furthermore, we wanted to give small haulage companies a chance to work with big shippers, which they couldn’t because of long payment terms. Our instant pay financial capability enables us to finance the haulier immediately, and then we get paid by the shipper,” said Kanwar.

'We are excited about the potential to drive tangible and positive transformation across the freight and haulage supply chain,” added Theotokis.

Before an operational prototype last year, the co-founders worked with some of the biggest freight companies in the UK to develop their digital option for shippers and hauliers.

They believe the resulting platform helps address key supply chain inefficiencies, including wasted capacity, incorrect pricing, and finding the right trucker for the right job, paving the way for a “fair and sustainable” sector.

And, with the use of a digitised platform, the freight sector can also help reduce congestion on roads, and in turn, help reduce CO2 emissions. PTI AK MRJ MRJ