Indian-origin anti-Brexit campaigner launches tactical voting site for UK poll

London, Nov 10 (PTI) An Indian-origin prominent anti-Brexit campaigner, who has won landmark legal cases to establish the supremacy of the UK Parliament in the process for Britain's exit from the EU, launched a new tactical voting site on Sunday to give electorate information ahead of the December 12 general election.

Gina Miller, a businesswoman and campaigner born Gina Nadira Singh in British Guiana (now Guyana) to Guyana's former Attorney-General Doodnauth Singh, believes her 'Remain United' website will provide important data to stop the Conservatives winning a majority and forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's 'flawed' Brexit deal through Parliament.

'Rarely in modern times have the risks facing families, communities and our country been greater than those facing voters at our impending pre-Christmas general election. Against that backdrop, I and my team, and the experts are working to take this responsibility incredibly seriously and have taken every precaution in putting together Remain United.

'It has no manual inputs, no political party bias and is 100 per cent as we have published our data and methodology. It is a huge responsibility to aim to assist the spectrum of remain and soft Leave voters seeking guidance on how to maximise their vote by tactically voting in this election,' she said.

Remain United has also published research alongside the launch, which it says shows a clear willingness among anti-Brexit voters to vote tactically. The research found that seven out of 10 said they were more likely to vote tactically. This equates to 51 per cent of Labour voters, 52 per cent of Lib Dem voters, 37 per cent of Green voters and 46 pc of Scottish National Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru voters, reflecting a wide support for Remain or soft Brexit supporting parties.

'We have resisted making recommendations where the data to date does not suggest tactical voting can make a difference to the outcome in any given constituency. As the election campaign evolves, we expect voter intention to shift and as such will be conducting two more data runs and recommendations in the run up to election day on 12 December,' said Miller.

There are a number of such sites being promoted by anti-Brexit groups such as Best For Britain and People's Vote.

While strict electoral rules restrict different campaigns from working too closely together, there is an overarching attempt to block a majority for a Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party government to prevent his form of Brexit going through Parliament. PTI AK CPS

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