Indian Matrimonial Site is Conducting 'Weddings from Home' on Video Conference amid Lockdown

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Marriages were made in heaven. But that was before the novel coronavirus took over the world. Now, marriages are made on the internet.

In the age of coronavirus, social gathering and public celebrations have become the new taboo. While social distancing is essential for curbing the spread of the deadly virus, it has spelled doom for couples who were planning to get married this year.

Nevertheless, Indian matchmaking and matrimonial portal has come up with a "novel" way to conduct what can best be described as no-contact weddings. The matrimonial site has come up with the concept of "weddings from home", a twist on the "work from home" formula that corporates have adopted to ensure the running of businesses amid coronavirus lockdown.

The company has been conducting weddings on Zoom, the mass video calling app, to ensure couples don't face the brunt of the lockdown. The services have been extended to couples across religions.

Taking to social media, wrote, "Don't want to push your wedding date? You don't have to. DM us your details, and our team of Panditjis, Maulvis and Priests will perform the rituals via video-conferencing for your".

Since the lockdown, posted about two such weddings-from-home. Avinash and Kriti were the first couple to get married virtually under lockdown using's services. They got married in April 14.

Yet another couple, Keerti and Sushen, are set to get married on video conference soon.

The initiative received a lot of love on social media with many lauding for the thoughtful initiative.

Ever since the announcement of the national lockdown in India, the wedding industry has faced mounting losses. With the big fat Indian wedding banned, many in the industry such as marriage hall owners, wedding planners, bridal equipment sellers have faced steep losses.