Indian man pushes brand new BMW gift into river - because he wanted a 'bigger' Jaguar instead

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

A man in India allegedly pushed his BMW into a river in a fit of rage when his father refused to buy him a Jaguar.

Akash, 22, from Yamuna Nagar in India, filmed the moment he pushed the brand new BMW 3 series into the water.

He is then said to have forwarded the footage to his parents, who reportedly bought the young man the expensive car as a birthday present.

Footage filmed by other witnesses shows the saloon car slowly sinking into the water (SWNS)

Footage filmed by other witnesses show the saloon car slowly sinking into the water.

Rescuers spent several hours trying to pull up the car from the Western Yamuna Canal, using a crane.

According to the Times of India, a source claimed Akash managed to get out before the car plunged into the water.

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Akash is said to have later jumped into the river to help rescuers retrieve the gift.

A local police official said: "The youth was arrogant and kept insisting that he be given a Jaguar as a BMW is a little small for him and his friends inside.

“We would do a preliminary investigation but this seems to be a personal matter.

Rescuers try to haul the car from the river (SCREENSHOT)

"We will proceed according to the law."

The boy’s father said: "I wanted to give my son a birthday present.

“We could only afford to give him a BMW, while he kept on insisting that he be given a Jaguar.

“He said the vehicle was too small but we thought he will be okay. We never imagined he would do anything like this."

Residents tried to haul the car from the river using a crane (SWNS)

But according to The Times of India, Akash’s father denied his son had demanded a Jaguar, and claimed he had accidentally driven the BMW into the river when he swerved to avoid an antelope.

Akash has since been accused of being ‘ungrateful’ for the jaw dropping moment.

One said: “Don't know whoever this disappointed idiot is! He should have sold it and taken care of thousands of poor kids education! They would have forever gratefully for his philanthropy! He missed it!”

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