Indian Idol 9 1 April 2017 episode recap: Revanth, Rohit and KhudaBaksh impress fans with bang on performances in pre-finale concert!

Prachi Kulkarni
Indian Idol 9 pre-finale concert was damn entertaining! Read all details here!

Indian Idol 9 is at the verge of ending this season and the fans are just way too curious to know who will be the winner the season! L V Revanth, Rohit and Khuda Baksh are the finalists and those who follow this reality show know it very well, how difficult it is to choose between them. Today it was the pre finale concert held in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. As expected, the venue was packed with thousands of fans screaming out the names of their favourite finalists. The episode started with a bang on performance by Sonu Nigam, followed by Revanth, KhudaBaksh and Rohit. Between the performances of these three, the show makers showed the snippets of the candid moments of the contestants.

L V Revanth is known as the ultimate rock-star of this musical reality show. So naturally there were helluva female fans of him. These girls mobbed him on the stage and made him dance on the peppy Bollywood number Kar Gayi Chull. Also, the contestants visited their hometowns and were surprised by the fans and friends who cheered them at the airport. The episode indeed was interesting but what we missed the most was the fun comments from other two judges Farah Khan and Anu Malik. The finalists sang amazing songs and despite being in the crowd, they did not let affect their performance at all.

Tomorrow’s episode will be damn funny and melodious at once! Sunil Grover was being missed terribly hence to get back in touch with his fans, he and Sugandha Mishra will be seen playing their characters from The Kapil Sharma Show. It will be hilarious to see Dr Mashoor Gulati cracking his usual jokes with the judges and the contestants. We will soon update you with more details, till then stay tuned with