Indian girl, 4, allegedly molested in Dubai school bus leaves for India

Dubai, Apr 21 (ANI): The Indian girl, who was allegedly molested by three Indian drivers in a school bus in Dubai, has left for India with her mother and siblings.

According to XPRESS, the father of the four-year-old alleged victim said that his family might not return.

"I will be back. But they may or may not return," Gulf News quoted him as saying.

The news comes two weeks after the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the three accused in the school bus assault case.

The girl, a kindergarten student of the GEMS-run Modern High School, had allegedly been molested by the driver and two conductors on the school bus on November 11 last year.

The allegations led to a huge public outcry, prompting schools, including GEMS, to beef up bus security.

However, on April 6, the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the three suspects on the grounds that there was little evidence to back the charges against them.

The case is currently open to appeal, and public prosecutors said the case is under review. (ANI)