An Indian Ghost Rider? Video of a Bike Moving On Its Own Goes Viral, Leaves Netizens in Splits & Shock (Watch Video)

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New Delhi, February 2: In a bizarre incident, a bike was seen moving on its own without any human rider or external support. It's movement was however captured on CCTV camera. The video of the riderless bike is being circulated all over the social media and has created enough curiosity and confusion among the viewers.Video of Driverless Tractor Running in Fields After Wheelie Goes Wrong Is Going Viral! Tesla Has Already Got Competition in India, Netizens Warn Elon Musk.

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The video has been posted by Amber Zaidi on Twitter. He wrote, It was caught on camera, otherwise no one would have believed it. As can be seen in the 30 seconds clip, two bikes are standing on road, when suddenly one of them starts moving in circulation path the falls on the ground. As per reports, the incident took place in Gujarat.Video of Driverless Premier Padmini on a Highway Is Freaking Everyone Out! Netizens Wonder How the Vehicle Is Running on Its Own.

Watch the Video Here:

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The reason behind this sudden un-controlled movement of the bike is not known. However, the bizarre video has left the Twitteratis both confused and curious as they try to figure some paranormal and some logical explanation to the incident. Here is how Twitter reacted to the 'Ghost Rider'

Believe in Ghost!

Natural Vibrations ?

Act of God !

VFX Effect?