Indian Gets Trolled For Wishing Mahela Jayawardena On Women’s Day

Find out why this Indian wished Mahela Jayawardene on International Women’s Day.

On March 8, amid all the buzz about International Women’s Day on Twitter, former Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayawardena received a rather unusual message.

Hindi speakers can see why wishing Jayawardena on Women’s Day can oddly, but hilariously, make sense. After all, ‘Mahela’ can be read as ‘mahila’, which is the Hindi word for a ‘woman.’

‘Mahela’,‘Mahila’: There’s A Difference

Jayawardena, although a tad confused, went with the flow and responded back with this.

And followed it up with a rather magnanimous message.

But the Twitterverse couldn’t help but have a good laugh at the mix-up.

Indians Apologise to the Legend

Others, mostly Indian fans of Jayawardena, were for some reason apologetic on behalf of user. Is it really so insulting to be wished a happy Women’s Day with a play on words? You tell us.