Indian Entrepreneur Mr.Puneet Bery taking company to Global Outreach and proud to contrubute in #makeinindia campaign

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“KSP Inc:Leading exporters of metal fabricated products” Mr.Puneet always had the inner drive to obtain knowledge and have had a true passion to be the best version of a father/husband/son and most importantly an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur he has truly believed in the concept of adaptability to succeed as a venture.

Today’s business cycles are so rapid and changing that a business that fails to adapt will be lose its value in the scale of the global economic platform.

Mr. Puneet Bery, Founder, KSP Inc “If I go back to the roots of my business, my father’s company was a small single manufacturing unit which produced diesel engine crank shafts. It employed around 20 people At that time I was young and always had a vision to think in terms of a global spectrum. Before diving into my fathers business, I took time to review the industry and the future of the market. Post my review I came to the conclusion that that their was a major industry change that was taking place in the market that we were in. Their was a major electrification drive in India that could make our product obsolete”.

Therefore, moving ahead with concept of adaptability, I tried to fully utilize the machine capacities. I aimed that KSP as a company should have global outreach as a company. I aimed to make sure that my capacities are fully utilized by making sure that we as a company produced an item that had year round volume.

The company initially focussed on the manufacturer of diesel engine crankshafts and expanded into production and export of pipeline flanges. The company have 4 operational manufacturing units spread across 112,000 sq ft in Noida. We are also a sociallycompliant company and have been audited by Walmart, Target and Lowes. We currently hold a green rating by Walmart (This is the highest rating that is given by Walmart to companies) Today, they focus on the export of diverse consumer products inclusive of bird feeders, lawn and garden décor, indoor and outdoor furniture, home storage products, home and office organisation tools, fireplace tools & accessories, etc. They have segmented their operations into four major segments – Corporate & Administration, Manufacturing, Finishing and Packaging.

The company strives to develop products that would surpass the client’s expectations. They do not compromise the quality of the elements. They have partnered with major brands across the globe and Present in Global big box retailers in US and European Markets as well.Some of their notable retail partners include Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Sainsbury,and Tesco. Their dedication and perseverance have helped them to maintain their role as a trusted and reliable supplier.KSP Inc currentlyUS,Germany,UK,Denmark,France,Canada,Finland,Australia,Netherlands and Austria.