Indian embassy in Afghanistan advises Indians to exercise caution about their security

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New Delhi, Jun 29 (PTI) The Indian embassy in Afghanistan on Tuesday advised all Indians visiting, staying and working in Afghanistan to exercise utmost caution with regard to their security and avoid all types of non-essential travel in view of escalating violence in various parts of the country.

In an advisory, the embassy said the security situation in Afghanistan remains 'dangerous' and that terror groups have carried out a series of complex attacks, including targeting civilians, adding that Indian nationals additionally face a 'serious threat' of abduction.

According to official data, over 3,000 Indians are staying in Afghanistan currently.

The embassy 'strongly advised' all Indians to avoid all types of non-essential movements and urged them to keep essential movements as discrete as possible.

'The security situation in Afghanistan remains dangerous in several provinces. Terror groups operating in Afghanistan have escalated violent activities and carried out a series of complex attacks in various parts of Afghanistan, including targeting Afghan defence and security forces and Afghan government institutions and even civilians,' the embassy said.

'Indian nationals are not exceptions, and they additionally face a serious threat of kidnapping,' it said in the 13-point advisory.

Afghanistan witnessed a series of attacks in the last few weeks as the United States looks to complete the withdrawal of its forces from the war-ravaged country by September 11, ending nearly two decades of its military presence there.

The embassy also strongly advised the Indian companies operating in Afghanistan to take up necessary security measures for their Indian employees deployed at project sites.

'In recent weeks, targeted attacks that are on the rise in various provinces and districts, directed against government establishments and security posts, have seen civilians caught in the middle of the conflict. Incidents of roadside IED (improvised explosive device) blasts and magnetic IEDs used to target vehicles of civilians continue to be reported from many parts of the country,' it said.

In view of the heightened security threats, the embassy asked all Indian nationals visiting, staying and working in Afghanistan to exercise utmost vigilance and caution with regard to security at workplace, place of residence and also during movement to their places of work.

It said movements, especially during peak commuting hours, should also be avoided.

'While travelling on roads, maintain distance from possible targets like military convoys, vehicles of government ministries/offices, high-ranking officials, law-enforcement agencies, and avoid visiting crowded markets,' it said.

The embassy said travelling outside the main cities should be avoided, adding that essential travel should be undertaken by air as many highways and roads are unsafe and prone to attacks.

'All Indian nationals arriving in Afghanistan are advised to register with the Embassy/Consulates on the website: or by email to Those who are already present but have not registered or updated their contact details are also requested to do so immediately,' it said.

The embassy also advised people to avoid visiting crowded markets, shopping complexes, mandis, restaurants and other public places.

'Any essential movement may please be kept as discrete as possible. Movements generally should not have a predictable pattern and timing and routes taken should be changed wherever possible to maintain an element of surprise. It is advisable to be in a high state of alertness during essential movements,' it added. PTI MPB RC

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