Indian diplomat's personal collection to showcase Russian art


New Delhi, Jun 8 (ANI): An exhibition of Russian contemporary art from the private collection of Indian artist, poet, and diplomat Abhay Kumar will showcase another facet of universalism and creative diversity. The Russian Centre of Science and Culture in New Delhi is organizing the exhibition from June 9-16. Kumar's art works have been exhibited in several countries, including France and Russia, and have found a place in private collections in France, Japan, the Netherlands and Russia. Ekaterina Andreeva, the senior art critic at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, said Kumar's collection is different from the professionally assembled collections of contemporary art in terms of great variety of artists it has. It has the famous writer and painter Vladimir Shinkarev and unique artist-philosopher Boris Koshelokhov and popular star of contemporary Russian art scene Alexander Florensky, and an excellent critic, artist Andrey Khlobystin and keeper of the traditions of Russian avant-garde Gennady Zubkov, and there is also little known masters, whose works are in some way close and interesting to Kumar. "Life of St. Petersburg" reflected in the collection of Kumar retains its natural idiosyncrasies, the northern melancholy and irony, said Andreeva. "It is sometimes chaotic and disjointed, sometimes strikingly clear framed in artistic materials. And here lies in them the reflection of vision of Kumar, writer and artist, who chose St. Petersburg and opened for his Russian friends another facet of universalism and creative diversity," she said. Kumar joined the Indian Foreign Service in 2003 and studied Russian language, history and literature at the Centre of International Education, Moscow State University. He served earlier in Moscow at the Embassy of India and as Consul at the Consulate-General of India in St. Petersburg. He has many books to his credit, prominent among them are "River Valley to Silicon Valley", "Enigmatic Love", "Fallen Leaves of Autumn", "10 Questions of the Soul" etc. (ANI)