‘Indian companies don’t deserve backlash’: Bharat Biotech MD on clinical trials

Hyderabad, Jan 04 (ANI): While addressing a press conference via video conferencing in Hyderabad on January 04, the Chairman and Managing Director (MD) of Bharat Biotech International Limited, Dr Krishna Ella said, “Many people just gossiping, it's just a backlash against Indian companies. That is not right for us. We don't deserve that. Merck's Ebola vaccine never completed a human clinical trial at all but WHO gave emergency authorization for Liberia and Guinea.” “Many people are gossiping everything in different directions to just backlash on Indian companies,” he added. “Even US government says emergency authorization can be given if a company has good immunization data. Merck's Eloba vaccine got authorization for emergency use even before completion of phase-3 trial. Johnson & Johnson did trials on 87 people and got emergency license,” MD Ella further stated.