Indian Coast Guard, ATS nab Pakistani boat with 30 kg heroin

New Delhi, Apr 15 (ANI): Indian Coast Guard in a joint operation with ATS Gujarat apprehended one Pakistani boat with 8 Pakistani nationals and 30 kg of heroin said Director General Krishnaswamy Natarajan on April 15. K Natarajan said, “Indian Coast Guard (IGC) in a joint operation with ATS Gujarat, a Pakistani fishing boat ‘NUH’ has been apprehended by Indian Coast Guard off Jakhau, Gujarat on the intervening night of 14-15 April with 30 kg of heroin. 8 Pakistani nationals have also been arrested from the boat.” “The value of seized narcotics in international market is estimated to be approximate Rs 300 crore. The boat and 8 members of Pakistani crew are being escorted to Jakhau for further rummaging and joint investigation.” he added.