Indian businessman jailed in UAE for offering bribe to policemen

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Dubai, Feb 1 (PTI) A 51-year-old Indian businessman has been sentenced to two years in jail in the UAE for offering a 200,000 dirham bribe to police officers during a criminal investigation, according to a media report on Monday.

Along with the jail term, the defendant, who was not identified, has been fined 200,000 dirham (Rs 3,982,589) by a Dubai Court, according to the Gulf News.

In June last year, the accused was brought in for questioning by Al Refaa Police Station in a robbery case, the daily reported.

“I was with a colleague, guarding the defendant when he wanted to speak to me in private. I took him out of the detention cell and it was then that he offered me 100,000 dirhams for my help. He said that in return for the money, he would want me to help him get relieved from the case”, a policeman told the Dubai Court, the newspaper said.

The accused allegedly proposed to pay the same amount to the sergeant's colleague. The officers said they would accept the bribes, but instead reported the matter to their director.

Two other Indian men, aged 51 and 33, were also sentenced to two years in jail for aiding and abetting the businessman as they had brought the money to be handed over to the police officers. All three defendants will be deported after serving their jail terms, the report said.

The proceedings in the robbery case are ongoing. PTI IND AKJ IND