Ind v Ban 2nd Test


We took a short break for tea, and then when we look again, Rohit is gone. He padded up to a ball that cut back in. Plumb.

He must have thought it was going to hold its line.

Rohit Sharma 21(35) lbw Ebadot Hossain

FOW 47/2

New man in is Virat Kohli, to join Cheteshwar Pujara.

And I'm being replaced in the blogger's box by Viransh.

Tea break. Ind 35/1


I should probably stop trying to analyze at this point. I say the bowlers aren't threatening, and then Mayank goes and steers an edge to gully. He'd been fishing at deliveries wide outside off for a while, and he finally paid the price for it. Poor from the in-form opener.

Mayank Agarwal 14(21) c. (sub) Mehedy b. Al-Amin Hossain

Al-Amin: 2.4-0-16-1

FOW: 26/1 (4.5)

Ind v Ban: Ind 13/0 (2.0)

Rohit Sharma*: 7(5)

Mayank Agarwal: 6(8)

India's openers are off to a fast start. In other news, water is wet.

Bangladesh's bowlers can't seem to extract any of the movement India's bowlers had managed. They lack a true fast bowler, and their slightly-above-medium-pace bowlers aren't threatening to batsmen.

Ind v Ban: Ind 0/0(0.0)

Now it's time for India's reply. They will have a minimum of 56 overs to bat today.

Mayank Agarwal and Rohit Sharma to open. Mayank Agarwal to face Al-Amin Hossain first up.

End of innings: Ban 106 all out.

It took India 8.5 overs into the second session to bowl Bangladesh out. I dont know if that counts as a disappointing second session for India or a valiant rearguard effort from Bangladesh.

What remains is that India's pacers have taken to the pink ball like a second skin. The pink ball was predicted to aid bowlers, but the Indian bowlers seemed to have the ball on a string as they toyed with Bangladesh's lineup. The pacers picked up all 10 wickets, as only one over of spin was bowled. Ishant was the pick of the bowlers, and finished with 5-22. Umesh got 3 and Shami 2 to round out the bowling card.

Bangladesh will be disgusted with their batting, and the injury to Liton Das serves as additional punch in the gut for a team that has looked listless and thoroughly cowed all game.

Now it's time to see how India's batsmen fare against these conditions.


Abu Jayed 0(3) c. Pujara b. Shami

Shami: 10.2-2-36-2

FOW: 106/10


Nayeem Hasan 19(28) b. Ishant

Ishant: 11-5-4-22-5

FOW: 106/9


Mehedy Hasan 8(13), c. Pujara b. Ishant

Ishant: 11-4-20-4

FOW: 98/8(28)

Al-Amin Hossain is the man in at No.10

In Tamil, we have a saying: "vaaiya vekkadhe", which essentially means "don't jinx it". It just sounds way cooler.

I've just gone and done it again. If they knew who I was, Mehedy Hasan and Shadman would be cursing me. I talk about them holding fort and then they go and get out immediately after.

Here Mehedy tries to flick the ball away, but only succeeds in hitting it to Pujara at midwicket, who make a good catch low to his right.

Ind v Ban: Ban 98/7(27)

Mehedy Hasan*: 8(8)

Nayeem Hasan: 16(20)

Ishant: 10-3-20-3

Shami: 9-2-34-1

Mehedy and Nayeem are holding on as India try to run through the tail. The pair have scored only in boundaries thus far, finding the gaps vacated by players assigned to the slip cordon.


New session, same problems for Bangladesh! Ebadot Hossain plays completely down the wrong line to an Ishant delivery, and see his off-stump rocked as a result.

Ebadot Hossain 1(7) b. Ishant

Ishant: 8.5-3-12-3

FOW: 82/7(23.5)

Mehedy Hasan is both Liton Das's replacement and the new man out to bat.

Ind v Ban: 2nd Session begins

Oof, the second session begins the way the first ended. New man in Nayeem Hasan gets hit on the helmet by a Shami bouncer in the 23rd over, and the physios are taking their time to make sure he's fine.

He continues eventually, and hits two boundaries off the over.

Ban 81/6(23)

End of session: Ban 73/6(21.4)

What a session that was for India! They were expected to dominate, but you'd expect Bangladesh to put up a little more fight. Once the wickets began falling, they just didn't stop. Each new batsman seemed more nervous than the last, and India's pacers - who claimed all 6 wickets - must have looked like the Balrog did to the Fellowship. Massive, imposing, and breathing fire.

Shadman and then Liton attempted to play the role of Gandalf and shield their terrified teammates, but Shadman fell, before Liton's counterattack was ended in unfortunate circumstances.

India will look to wrap up the innings early in the second session.

Big oof

Someone get a warrant out for the public execution of Gautam Gambhir.

Ind v Ban: Ban 64/6(20.0)

Liton Das*: 15(17)

Nayeem Hasan: 0(2)

Shami: 5-1-13-1

Ishant: 7-3-7-2

We have a pause in the game midway through the 21st over after a Shami bouncer beats Liton Das's attempted pull and crashes into his helmet.

The physio is on to check on Liton, as per the latest concussion protocol.

Liton seems fine, and he shows this by smashing the next ball - also short - to the fence with contempt.

Scratch that. Liton is not okay. The play has stopped again as Das tells the umpires that he's feeling some discomfort in his head. Liton is retiring hurt because of that blow, which is a terribly sad way for his innings to end. He was looking good, even as those around him dropped like flies.

Bangladesh can appoint a concussion substitute, but they have no specialist batsmen amongst their subs.

Lunch, well, Supper, is called.


Mahmadullah 6(21) c. Saha b. Ishant

Ishant 6.4-2-7-2

FOW 60/6(19.4)

Nayeem Hasan is the new man in.

Wriddhiman Saha clearly saw the Rohit tributes, because he just pulled off his own stunner! Ishant pitches it short to Mahmadullah, who steps back to defend before seeing the ball move away from him and trying desperately to pull his hands away. The ball takes the edge and Saha has to dive at full-stretch to his right to make the catch. He gets it right before it drops in front of him, and promptly gets mobbed by his teammates.

Ind v Ban: Ban 47/5(15.0)

Liton Das*: 8(4)

Mahmadullah: 0(6)

Shami: 4-1-11-1

Umesh: 6-2-25-3

Ladies and Gentlemen, you can finally catch your breath. It's been 2 overs since the last wicket fell, something of a miracle, that. Given how this game has gone so far, I was expecting it to be 7 or 8 down by now.

Liton Das and Mahmadullah are doing their best to (sort of) keep Bangladesh in this game, which has threatened to run away from them within half a session.

Meanwhile, the tributes are flowing in for Rohit's catch, with #Rohit Sharma trending on Twitter.

Little bit of a stretch, that one.

17/2 for use of that meme.


Shadman Islam 29(52) c. Saha b. Yadav

FOW: 38/5

New man is Liton Das.

As soon as I say that, Shadman falls. Umesh gets his third of this first session. Shadman plays for inswing, but gets it all wrong as the ball moves away, taking a clean edge through to Saha. This makes 100 dismissals for Saha.

Ind v Ban: Ban 33/4(13.0)

Shadman's playing this Bangladesh innings all by himself, as the Bangladesh top order crumbles around him.

Shadman Islam*: 28(47)

Mahmadullah: 0(3)


Mushfiqur Rahim 0(4) b. Shami

Shami: 2.5-1-10-1

FOW: 26/4 (11.5)

Mahmadullah is the new man in.

Shadman looked to take revenge for the two wickets that fell in the previous over, smashing consecutive fours off Shami before passing strike over to Mushfiqur.

Who promptly chops onto his stumps off a back-of-a-length delivery. Seriously, these wickets are falling faster than they can be updated.


2 in 3 balls for Yadav!

Mohammed Mithun 0(2) b. Yadav

Yadav: 3.3-1-10-2

FOW 17/3 (10.3)

New man in at 5 is Mushfiqur Rahim.

I didn't even get the time to annouce Mohammad Mithun's entry before he was dismissed.

Mithun gets done in by Yadav with utmost ease. The first ball went away from him, and he seemed to expect this one to move away as well. Instead, the ball cut in and took the inside edge as Mithun played a flat-footed defence, clattering into his stumps.


Mominul Haque 0(7) out c. Rohit Sharma b. Yadav

Yadav: 3.1-1-10-1

FOW 17/2 (10.1)

Mominul was forced into a shot by an Umesh Yadav delivery that angled into his stumps. He got a thick edge that was heading to Kohli at first slip, only for Rohit Sharma to fly in from second slip and grab it out of the air. Spectacular from the India opener.

India v Ban: Ban 17/1(10.0)

Mominul Haque*: 0(6)

Shadman Islam: 12(39)

India v Ban: Ban 16/1(8.0)

Shadman Islam*: 10(27)

Mominul Haque: 0(6)

Ishant Sharma: 4-2-4-1

Mohammed Shami: 1-0-1-0

India lose their first review after Saha appealed for an edge off Shadman's bat. Shami doesn't even appeal for the decision, just runs up to Saha with a smile on his face. It's not given, and India review. Not sure what they heard there, because the replay shows no bat.

Meanwhile CSK is throwing us back to the good ol' 90s with their toss suggestion.


Bangladesh reviewed the decision, but DRS posted three reds, with ball tracker showing the ball crashing into leg stump. Imrul has to walk, and Bangladesh lose a review.

Imrul Kayes trapped lbw by Ishant Sharma! FOW 15-1(6.3)

Imrul Kayes: 4(15)

Ishant Sharma: 3.3-1-4-1

Mominul Haque in at No.3 for Bangladesh.

Ind v Ban: Ban 15/0 (6.0)

Imrul Kayes*: 4(12)

Shadnam Islam: 10(24)

Ishant Sharma to continue.

Ishant Sharma: 3-1-4-0

Umesh Yadav: 3-1-10-0

Shastri's 3-4-3?

Ravi Shastri setting his team up in a 3-4-3 formation, with the solid defensive duo of Mayank Agarwal and Cheteshwar Pujara set to hold down the fort in front of goalkeeper/captain Virat Kohli. Swashbuckling striker Rohit Sharma is a strange choice for central defense, but on his day, Sharma is a mountain.

Meanwhile, Ajinkya Rahane and Ravichandran Ashwin take the flanks, with Ashwin looking to cut inside with the ball at every opportunity while Jinks looks to attack out wide. He needs to be careful with his control that far wide, though.

Through the center, Wriddhiman Saha and Ravindra Jadeja look to create a solid midfield, restricting their opponents and exploiting any cracks they find in Bangladesh's defense.

And finally, we have the strike trio. Barca had MSN, Real had BBC, India have SIU. The attack will look to break through with pace and aggression at any opportunity, and even in the absence of the talismanic Jasprit Bumrah, they haven't lost their edge. Expect fire and fury from this team.

All said, this lineup looks deadly, and viewers are in for a treat.

Ind vs Ban: Ban 2/0 (2 Overs)

Shadman Islam: 1 (8)

Imrul Kayes: 1 (4)

Umesh Yadav: 0/2 (1)

Ind vs Ban: Ban 0/0 (1 Overs)

Shadman Islam: 0 (6)

Imrul Kayes: 0 (0)

Ishant Sharma: 0/0 (1)

Ishant Sharma the tallest bowler from both sides takes the honor to bowl the first over of the historic day-night test.

Toss updates 

Bangladesh won the toss and elect to bat first!

Bangladesh Playing XI: Shadman Islam, Imrul Kayes, Mominul Haque (c), Mohammad Mithun, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Liton Das (wk), Nayeem Hasan, Abu Jayed, Al-Amin Hossain, Ebadat Hossain

India Playing XI: Mayank Agarwal, Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Umesh Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma

Bangladesh Prime Minister along with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has greeted all the Indian players and the Bangladesh players as Virat Kohli and Mominul Haque introduces their players one by one.